David, just a nice guy ;-)

David was born in Vienna in 1976 and grew up in a sheltered environment. His mother was a teacher and his father an entrepreneur. David learned from an early age how to think like a business person.
As he grew up there was just enough money to make ends meet. Due to this fact, there were never opportunities to for the basics what we all take for granted today such as family vacations. While studying economics at the Vienna Business School he realized that a normal working life did not offer opportunities for him. Thus, at the age of 21 he decided to make the step to be become entrepreneur.

Subsequently he worked as an investment banker for a renowned international investment house where he advised large corporations and well-to-do clients in regard to investment matters.

At an early age he became interested in society and social issues. Coupled with his understanding
of economics and his interest in his fellow man, he soon became a well sought after consultant and

During recent years, he has guided tens of thousands of individuals by means of his seminars in Europe, the USA, South America and Asia.
David is an entrepreneur and keynote speaker. He coaches entrepreneurs and top executives in areas of customer orientation and leadership.
His interest for new technologies brought him to the fields of blockchain and cryptocurrencies where he is a well known keynote speaker on seminars and conferences.